We supply and install your fencing needs for road and rail related projects. Sunset Fencing completed the below types of fencing for highway upgrades, rail corridors and railway stations.

Pedestrian Fencing – Pedestrian fencing is now commonly used between pedestrians and roadways in hazardous areas. Designed to withstand low to moderate speed vehicle impact. Hot dipped Galvanized and powdercoated.

Rock Fall – To intercept falling rocks from rock face above to roads and railway lines below. Available in variety of designs to be easily transported and assembled in extreme conditions.

Guard Rails – Used in areas of restricted clearance or narrow praecipes, for roads, bridges, carparks.

Sound Walls – Sunset Fencing supply and install Acoustic Fencing to minimise highway and residential noise. Hebel, Colourbond, Concrete Acoustic Blocks, Highway Fencing, Contact us with your requirements.


Rural & Chainwire