Automated – Sunset Fencing supplies and installs a wide range of gates, to suit all projects.

All our gates are custom made to suit the clients needs. Contact us with your requirements

Cantilever – Ideal for commercial and industrial developments, as they need a greater runoff room than standard automatic gates. Cantilever gates don’t require a track or a perfectly level surface and can withstand more wear and tear on a busy driveway. Contact us to discuss which cantilever system best suits your requirements.

Chainwire chainwire gates made to your requirements come in a range of designs, sizes and locking systems., manual or automatic.

Sliding Gates – sliding gates available in both manual or automatic with variety or sizes, designs and locking systems.

Swing Gates Swing gates available in range of sizes, designs and locking systems, can be operated manually or automated. Contact us today with your gate requirements!

Boom Gates – typically used in carparks, sporting venues, national parks and other public places.